The Town (or Town Center) is the main area in Club Penguin. The town is usually the congregation point of many penguins as it is the first area that Penguins join unless there are one hundred penguins already in the town, in which case it will flood off into other places. The town has no games but it is an easy way to access the Coffee Shop, Night Club, Snow Forts, Dock and Gift Shop. It is also usually well-decorated for parties or at least always decorated.


  • On June 20, 2008, there was an earthquake at the town. It damaged the town severely. It was revealed in a PSA mission that Herbert P. Bear caused this with a giant drill made with parts of the Clock Tower.
  • It is one of the busiest places on busy servers in Club Penguin.
  • After the Storm of 2008 if you clicked the 'N' in Night Club, a ninja would jump from building to building and then out of view. This started the rumor of Ninjas on the island.
  • During construction for some parties, Penguins could (purposely) walk on the Gift Shop and the Coffee Shop walls by using ladders provided.
  • When a penguin is created, the first place he/she goes is usually the town.
    • It is also usually the first place a penguin goes when logging in.
  • The town is one of the oldest rooms, dating back to Penguin Chat 3.
  • When a penguin wants to advertise for a party at their igloo, they usually do it in the Town.

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