&nbsp Hydro Hopper (formerly known as Ballistic Biscuit) is the first-ever game in Club Penguin. This is because it was not original, as it made its debut on the now-defunct Rocketsnail Games website, in which you played as a human. It is located at the Dock. In it, the player rides along on an inner tube, towed by a motorboat, and avoids obstacles in the water. Non-members can only use inner tubes during gameplay. Members can choose an inner tube, or a wakeboard to use during the game. After a while, players go on to the next level. In between the levels, there are tips, but after a few levels there are jokes instead, and after a few more, simply congratulatory messages.


Hydro Hopper first started off as Ballistic Biscuit, a game featured on many flash game websites. The first version (with only one level) only featured humans, however a revised version featured humans and a penguin, a reference to Experimental Penguins, a game also being developed by RocketSnail Games.

On and after August 31, 2007, you can buy and ride a wakeboard instead of inner tubes.

On September 6, 2007, a new name for Ballistic Biscuit was needed, and so through a poll in the newspaper, penguins could choose a new name. On September 21, 2007, Ballistic Biscuit was re-named Hydro Hopper.

On March 27, 2009, a new catalog was placed next to the boat.
Hydro Hopper


  • It was thought that if you beat the 25th level of Hydro Hopper, you could get to Rockhopper Island. However, this is not true. There is no 25th level of the game. Maybe, more levels will be added.
  • The old Ballistic Biscuit was once a Rocketsnail game that only had humans, however, there was one penguin (wearing Old Blue) that looked like the one in Experimental Penguins, on board.
  • Frogs and ducks appear in this game as obstacles. This is the only game they appear in.
  • The name of Ballistic Biscuit probably changed due to the Disney purchase.
  • If you jump over an item, you can drag yourself over a buoy without losing a life.
  • There is also a penguin playing Hydro Hopper on the homepage as shown on the left.
  • The music is from Smartsound's royalty-free Vintage Comedy album, its title is "Yessir".
  • You can't see the Hydro Hopper Driver on it.
  • In one of the PSA missions, a sailor calls the Hydro Hopper 'old buscuit'. This may be a reference to Ballistic Biscuit. Hydro Hopper stamp