The Gift Shop is one of the three buildings in the Town. Here, member penguins can buy clothes for themselves from the catalog, Penguin Style. Penguin style also has colors, player card backgrounds, and flags. The items available to non-members are colors, flags, and player card backgrounds. The clothes in the Gift Shop are only available members. The Gift Shop has dressing room, used to access the Penguin Style catalog, and a desk. It used to be nearly identical to the Sport Shop, but the Sports Shop later began to sell only sports items. The Gift Shop is owned by the Gift Shop Manager. There used to be two catalogs, one for the Penguin Style clothing, Penguin Style, and one for the Penguin Style wig, Big Wigs. Club Penguin later changed it, so now you can buy wigs and clothing from the same catalog, Penguin Style. Due to this, Big Wigs was removed. Also, the penguins in Penguin Style that are wearing wigs just make it more interesting to wear them. Every month, a new catalog is added. Sometimes, clothes from past catalogs return.


  • In October 2007, there were boxes in the Gift Shop. The boxes were opened and the Big Wigs catalog was released.
  • The Gift Shop is rarely decorated inside for parties.
  • On June 20th, 2008, there was a earthquake that destroyed the entire Town Center. Many penguins think Herbert P. Bear was looking for something. There were cracks on the ground and walls, clothes fell over, and the poster almost fell off. In Mission 8, you must save the Gift Shop. It later turns out that Herbert's tunnels had made the earthquakes and had also made the Gift Shop fall. The play remarks that the Gift Shop needs a lift.
  • In Mission 10, if you help the Gift Shop Manager set up his clearance table outside, he will give you an award at the end of the mission.
  • Penguin Style is located in here.
  • You could not enter the Gift Shop in Penguin Chat 3. If you tried to enter it would take you to a real-life shop where you could buy items (but not memberships, there were no such things as coins in PC3).
  • During Christmas, the penguin on the "Dress Up!" sign is dressed as Santa without the beard.
  • In February 2010, Club Penguin allowed non-members to purchase flags from Penguin Style, due to popular request.
  • It has a new catalog every month.


Gift Shop