Franky's Playercard

Franky is the latest member to join the Penguin Band. He plays the acoustic guitar and the banjo. He is the author of Franky's First Show, which you can read in the Book Room's Library. Also, he is not an original member of the Penguin Band. He was invited to play for the band as revealed in the book Franky's First Show. Franky is also the most well-known member of the band. This could be because he is the newest member to join the band.

Interesting FactsEdit

  • If he was not a musician, he would still be working in the Pet Shop, as he claims that puffles love him.
  • He is the newest member of the band.
  • He is not a computer-controlled penguin.
  • Like many famous penguins, he is a Level 5 Member
  • He is the only band member to have shoes. His shoes are not available in Club Penguin.
  • He is the only penguin to have a pick as an item, as shown by the picture of him in Franky's First Show.
  • He likes to eat pizza.
  • Although he said he also plays the banjo, he was never seen playing the banjo.
  • Many people try and look like him by wearing a Cowboy Hat, an Acoustic Guitar, and Untied Sneakers.
  • A book features him. Maybe that's why he is the most well known member.
  • Franky is the most popular Club Penguin Band Member.
  • He is mostly found during the Music Jam 2010.


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