EPF Logo

The Elite Penguin Force (commonly called the EPF) is a special group of highly skilled P.S.A. Agents (called EPF Agents) chosen by the Director of the P.S.A., that appear exclusively in Club Penguin: Elite Penguin Force. The EPF HQ is the Command Room, located inside the dresser of the P.S.A. HQ. It has replaced the P.S.A, which no longer exists due to the Popcorn Explosion.


  • Herbert P. Bear Esq. (Ursus Maritimus)
  • Klutzy (Clubpenguinus Crabus)
  • Snow-Bot
  • Wheel-Bot
  • Jet-Bot
  • Ultimate Proto-Bot 10000


  • If you looked in the Elite Penguin Force case before the Popcorn Explosion you would find a code that gives you access to the Command Room, a certificte that would say you are an EPF Agent, a Spy Phone (Command Room teleport included) and 1500 coins.
  • In the game, the password to the Command Room is "3000", like Gary's inventions.
  • The dresser appeared a few days before the game's release, making some penguins suspicious.
  • As of May 17, 2010, the EPF has taken over all P.S.A. operations.
  • If looked at closely, the first letters of the words Everyday Phoning Facility would make EPF.
  • The shape in Everyday Phoning Facility looked like the EPF logo's shape.
  • In a blog post by Billybob, he said that starting June 15th there will be weekly assignments. This turned out to be Field Ops.
  • EPF Agents don't get paid yet.