Earth Day 2010 was a party which began on April 21 and ended on April 27, 2010. The main room was the Mine Shack, which was stated in the Penguin Times. There was a new room near the Mine Shack called the "Recycling Plant", which you could enter after completing the Scavenger Hunt. There was also a new pathway added at the Forest which led to the Mine Shack.

New RoomEdit

The new room appeared at Earth Day which was April 22, 2010. Here were some clues penguins found:

  • In the Club Penguin Times, there were blueprints.
  • It was also said it is a Recycling Plant.
  • Gary put a gadget in it.
  • He said the gadget would change pizza boxes to new ones.
  • According to Billybob, it will be permanent.
  • To some penguins, it looked like a greenhouse.
  • Instead of throwing snowballs, you threw the collectable items or garbage you collected in the Scavenger Hunt in the Recycletron 3000.


  • It was said in the Club Penguin Times that there would be a gadget that turned used things (like pizza boxes) into reusable things.
  • In a blog post by Billybob, it was revealed that the Recycling Plant would be to the left of the Mine Shack, and the path to the Forest would be in the left-hand corner.
  • There was a scavenger hunt at the party.
  • This was the third party that started this year a day ahead of schedule. (First being the Puffle Party 2010 and the second being the April Fools Day Party 2010)
  • It started 2 days early. It opened on the 21st, the day before it would be opened, but the 22nd was going to be early, because it would have been on Friday.
  • Many penguins were furious after hearing the update was permanent.
  • This party had no music, except for the music inside the Recycling Plant.
  • The garden, the shed, the Forest path , and the generator, stayed when the party was over.
  • It ended 2 days after the planned ending.
  • No buildings were decorated on the inside.