The Dance Lounge is a room on Club Penguin. It is the second floor of the Dance Club. It is a place where penguins can rest up after spending time dancing in the Night Club. There are tables and Arcade Games (Thin Ice and Astro Barrier) here.


Seven pins have been hidden here in the past.


Two minigames are present in this room, both arcade games. However, neither minigame appeared in Club Penguin: Elite Penguin Force.


  • The Dance Lounge was opened around early 2006.
  • The two games available here are known as "arcade" games. There are named Thin Ice and Astro Barrier.
  • The cake pin that appeared during the Anniversary party replaced the soda can.
  • There is a curtain placed in the room, which is too high for penguins to reach, for which it's meaning is unknown. A penguin submitted a question referring to it, and Aunt Arctic replied saying she also didn't know what it was for.
    • Behind the curtain was the entrance to the Night Club Rooftop.
  • The Astro Barrier game has a joystick and a button meanwhile the Thin Ice game has arrow buttons. These may be references to the real controls of both games (Joystick is the mouse, the button is the spacebar and the four arrow buttons are the directional keys).
  • The Dance Club music can be heard faintly in the background but when it is a party it can not be heard because there is different music playing.
  • It is unknown what the two TVs are for.
  • Before there was one more table before Thin Ice was released.