The Cove is an area in Club Penguin that can be accessed from the Forest or the Map. It opened for members only on May 25, 2007 and finally opened to the public on May 29, 2007. Like the telescope at the Beacon, you can use binoculars to look at the sea. A hut, commonly known as the surf shack, includes a surfing game called Catchin' Waves. It was released along with the hut on June 4, 2007.


  • Some penguins think that the cliffs seen in the background are the same as in G's Secret Mission. However, that is not true because the cliffs in G's Secret Mission are really the Ridge Run cliff.
  • The Cove has not appeared in any Secret Missions, so no one knows what it will look like when we see beyond the water.
  • Sometimes, there is a penguin sitting on the lifeguard chair telling penguins to take their puffles out of the water, as it is a myth that puffles are not allowed in the water.
  • During the time when the fire was a bonfire penguins pretend to put out the fire by dancing with the Fire Fighter Suit.
  • "Fish and Octopus" are sometimes seen in the water. You can also see "dogs" pretending to swim.
  • A Map background was given to all that found the pieces of the map to the cove in a scavenger hunt.
  • The Cove does not appear in Elite Penguin Force Game. The developers said that, there was nothing that was gonna go on there, so they took it out.
  • Rockhopper often tells his famous stories here.
  • When Catchin' Waves was due to be released, it was released late. This results in a riot in the server Tundra.
  • A Koi Fish Pin located here by the Umbrellas but when The Fair 2009 started, the pin was moved Beside the Surf hut over the rocks because the Feed-a-Puffle game would block the Pin.
  • The water behind the line might be the place for penguins to surf.
  • Just like arguments about who is boss in the Pizza Parlor, there are arguments about who is the lifeguard. Usually these turn into snowball fights and someone else takes over and ignores the other two lifeguards and their fight.
  • The Underwater Room Could be under the Cove because the Hidden Lake was under the Forest.