The Boombox is a members only hand item in Club Penguin. It was available during the Dance-A-Thon in 2009 and the Music Jam 2010. It is a free party item, despite being only available to members. If players dance with the Boombox they will breakdance.


  • Cadence is the only penguin who can breakdance without a boombox. But she can breakdance with the boombox with her clothes on.
  • There is a power card of the PSA version.
  • This Boombox is related to the exploding one in the Gadget Room.
  • Cadence ussualy wear it from Penguin Play Awards 2009,but at Music Jam 2010, when she visit a server she wasn't wear the Boombox.She use it after few minutes.


The Boom Box is another one of Gary's inventions. It does not really have a purpose, it can only self destruct. It also appears in Card-Jitsu as a special attack animation. In the fourth mission of Club Penguin, the Boom Box appears and it appears to be like a stereo, but once you turn it on, it explodes.

Invention TriviaEdit

  • Since the agency made the Boom Box and Sensei has access to it (a special attack in Card-Jitsu), it could be a hint that Sensei has a connection with the PSA.
  • The Boom Box was a free item in the Dance-A-Thon party and the Music Jam 2009, but it was named boombox. Unlike the PSA boom box, it does not explode. Instead, your penguin will break dance.
  • The Boom Box in the Gadget Room is nothing like the clothing item.
  • The Boom Box's name is ironic, as it literally "goes boom."
  • The Boom Box is sometimes seen when Cadence is around dancing with it.